Welcome to my site!

I am a software engineer working in biotech with Phosphorus Genomics. I currently specialize in Scala, Spring, and Hibernate and am looking for new opportunities to use Scala as part of a more functional stack. I’m also open to trying new languages and frameworks.

I previously spent three years working in China, where I managed manufacturing projects for US importers. In my spare time there, I taught myself to code and wrote a Ruby on Rails application which I sold to my company to replace its legacy system. Compared with the legacy app, the new app was 12 times cheaper to develop and is now saving the company 2,400 work-hours per month.

In the past two years, I’ve been committed to continuing education and have completed the Introduction to Genomic Technologies, Functional Programming Principles in Scala, Data Structures, Parallel Programming, and Big Data Analysis with Scala and Spark courses online with Coursera to strengthen my computer science fundamentals.

I’m interested in working for a company that is tackling complex problems, both on the technical front and the organizational front. I am happy to mentor junior developers, and I hope to learn from my colleagues as well.